Organization chart and statue of the Beijing Municipal Audit Society

Namelist of Members on the Third Board of the Beijing Municipal Audit Society

Chairmen: Yang Xiaochao

Advisor: Zhang Yikuan

Vice-chairmen: Shen Zhide, Shang Tianlin, Liu Daxian, Wang Liyan, Xie Zhihua, Hao Shuobo, Pan Fan, Jian Baoyi, and Xu Xi

Secretary General: To be appointed

Chief Supervisor: Li Yunfei

Superpvisors: Li Hongdi and Gao Yaqing (f.)

Executive councillors: (in the sequence of the number of strokes in the first name) Wang Li Yan, Wang Xiaojun, Ye Liyi, Liu Lan (f.), Liu Daxian, Zhang Qiu, Zhang Junman, Zhang Haikun (f.), Li Xin (f.), Yang Zhiguo, Yang Xiaochao, Yang Huanwen, Shen Zhide, Chen Hong (f.), Chen Chengkun (f.), Shang Tianlin, Zhao Jikun, Xu Juan (f.), Jia Chongmin, Cheng Xianhua (f.), Xie Zhihua, Pei Ying, Dai Deming, Hao Shuobo, Xu Xi, Jian Baoyi, and Pan Fan

Profile of the Beijing Municipal Audit Society

Set up on November 15, 1984, the Beijing Municipal Audit Society is a mass-based academic body in Beiing that specializes in the study of the science of audit and promotion of the study of the science of audit. Registered as a legal person of a social body type with approval from the government department in charge of registration of social bodies, it is sponsored by the BMAB.

The Chairmen of the first Board of the Society was Wang Naiwu; the second, Qi Guosheng; and the current, Yang Xiaochao.

The society is composed of institutional and individual members.

The purpose of the society is to unite and organize experts, scholars and well-experienced auditors to carry out academic researches, summarize and enrich experiences in audit, raise the theoretical and professional level of audit, look for a socialist audit system suitable for the national condition of our country, and render services to China's socialist economic construction under the guidance of Maxism-Lenisms, Mao Zedong Thought, the theory of Deng Xiaoping, and the thinking of “Three Represent's” masterminded by Jiang Zemin and in line with the principle of ‘letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend.'

The business scope of the society covers:

Promotion and organization of academic activities in audit research, organization of academic discussions and forums, and popularization of audit theories and knowledge

Promotion and organization of investigations and studies, summarization and exchange of experiences in audit, study of new situations and problems in the development of audit, and increase of the level of auditing

Organization of training of auditors of various kinds and in various forms

Tightening of ties and organization of academic exchanges with overseas and domestic academic bodies

Start and development of community-based economic undertakings in line with the characteristics of the society

Organizational establishment:

The society has a permanent organ, namely, the Secretariat, that takes charge of its routine business. For the sake of facilitating conduction of academic studies and exchanges, the society has also set up the Department of Scientific Researches, the Department of Compilation and Translation, and the Department of Training. The society has a council of supervisors which, elected by the Board, exercises supervision of the work of the society in accordance with the Charter of the BMAB.

For contact:

Add: 7 North Liangjiayuan Lane, Hufangqiao, Xuanwu District, Beijing

Tel: 63132755

P.C.: 100052

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